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e-CHUG is an online alcohol education assessment that raises your awareness about alcohol related behaviors. Its goal is to promote the responsible decision making and safe use of alcohol. e-CHUG can be completed in about twenty minutes. Through a series of questions, you will be given customized feedback about the realities of alcohol use for yourself and your peers. The questionnaire is to be completed prior to attending orientation.


Policy on Alcohol and Illegal Drugs (AOD Policy)

UIC supports the choice of students and employees who are 21 or over to abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages or to consume alcoholic beverages responsibly. UIC prohibits alcohol consumption by minors and violators of this policy will be subjected to the full penalties of the laws governing the state of Illinois. The policy is designed to promote the positive, healthy use of alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. Students and employees must ensure that their consumption of alcohol at university functions and/or in residence halls will not create a hazard to themselves, other students/staff/faculty, university property, the university's reputation, or the public. The university permits the consumption of alcoholic beverages at certain conventions, conferences, and cultural and educational activities. The specific approval of the chancellor is required on an event-by-event basis to sell or serve alcoholic beverages.

Click here for the UIC AOD policy

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