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Placement Testing

All beginning first-year students and many transfer students entering UIC are required to take one or more placement tests prior to the first semester of study. For all students, placement tests MUST be taken before you are permitted to register for the UIC Orientation Program. When you have taken all required tests you will be allowed to register for the UIC Orientation Program within 24-48 hours. For more information on placement tests, please consult your Admission Packet to determine which tests you should take, or by answering the questions in the "Placement Testing Section" in UIC Connect or visit testing.uic.edu/placement-testing/, and then click on "Testing Requirements."

The "Placement Testing" section (lower right hand side of the page) contains pertinent information about the placement testing process and scheduling a placement test.

Failure to Take Placement Tests

Students who fail to take the placement tests will not be able to register for the UIC Orientation Program. Please take the time to respond accurately to the questionnaire regarding testing in my.UIC.edu and then take all required tests.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit/ International Baccalaureate Credit (IB)

If you have received AP or IB credit (or expect credit but do not yet have your score), inform your academic advisor at orientation. Your advisor will use that information, along with your placement test results, to help you in determining the appropriate courses for fall registration.


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