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Is the Parent and Guest Orientation required?

The UIC Parent and Guest Orientation Program is optional, but recommended. Please be aware that there is an additional $75 fee for each parent or guest.

My parents and I did not attend our scheduled orientation session. Why is there an orientation charge on my bill?

Once you scheduled a student or parent/ guest orientation session, respective orientation fees were assessed to your student account.  By deciding not to attend the UIC Orientation Program and not canceling at least seven days prior to your scheduled date, fees were applied to your account.  If you decided not to attend the University, a cancellation would have needed to be made at least seven days prior to the orientation date to avoid any fees.

Is there any way to avoid paying the orientation fee?

An Orientation Fee Discount Request form is available on our website. The discount request, along with documentation verifying the information you have supplied, must be faxed, mailed or delivered to the UIC Orientation Program at least seven days prior to your orientation program date. Submitting a form does not guarantee approval. If you have scheduled a date and have not been notified about your pending request, please still attend your program. We cannot accept any request forms submitted after you have participated in your orientation program.

Do I pay my university bill at orientation?

No. Once a month, the University of Illinois emails students and authorized payers, reminding them to view their current student account for recent activity and to pay any amount due by the deadline. The student account is available online for students and authorized payers to view and print. The account indicates all student account transactions such as: payments received, as well as charges and credits for tuition, fees, and housing. Fall tuition and fees will be due on September 28. Please visit paymybill.uillinois.edu for more information.

After orientation, may I change my schedule if a class becomes available?

Because there are many students registering for and switching out of classes at any given time, openings in other classes may become available at the beginning of the semester. You may have the opportunity to secure a desired class (if offered) following orientation. Substantive changes made after orientation should be discussed with your academic advisor prior to the start of the term.  More information on class registration and scheduling will be provided to you during your academic advising session.

Do I have to pay the CampusCare Health Insurance Fee?

Yes, unless you have other insurance and go online to waive out of the CampusCare Program. All freshman, transfer, and readmit students new to UIC are assessed the CampusCare Health Insurance Fee as part of their tuition and are automatically enrolled in CampusCare. The fee is assessed to your UIC student account. If you have comparable health insurance, you can submit an online waiver form once you have been admitted to UIC. All forms to waive out of CampusCare must be submitted online before Friday, September 12, 2014. The only way to waive out is through the CampusCare website. For more information about CampusCare, please visit uic.edu/hsc/campuscare.

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