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Orientation Checklist

Step 1: Activate NetID AND EnterpriseID

When activated, your NetID and common password allow you to access university computers, create GoogleApps@UIC resources (Gmail, Documents, Calendar, more!) use Blackboard and purchase discounted software. These are just some of the campus-based services supported by UIC’s Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC).

Use that same NetID and common password to access the UIC Portal at my.uic.edu.

Step 2: Activate Your Portal Account

Go to my.UIC.edu and follow the instructions “How do I activate my portal account (my.uic.edu)” under “First Time Portal Users”. To complete the activation, you will need your University Identification Number (found on your acceptance letter).

Step 3: Log into my.uic

To access UIC Connect, please go to: my.UIC.edu and log into my.UIC.

Step 4: Schedule and Take Placement Test

If you need to take placement tests, you must do so before you can schedule an orientation date. To schedule your tests, log into the Portal, go to the “Pathway to Enrollment” tab under UIC Connect. The “Placement Testing” section (lower right hand side of the page) contains pertinent information about the placement testing process and scheduling a placement test. You can complete all required placement tests online.

Step 5: Schedule Orientation

To schedule your orientation date, log into the UIC Portal, click to the “UIC Connect” tab and select “Pathway to Enrollment”. Reserve your date in the “Orientation” section. If any parents or guests plan on attending, please make their reservations at the time you register. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also call us at (312) 996-3271.

Step 6: Complete e-CHUG

Prior to attending orientation you will be required to complete the online e-CHUG assessment.

Step 7: PLAN TO BRING...

  • A government-issued photo ID, such as driver’s license, state ID, or passport. For questions regarding alternate forms of identification, contact Jessica Stewart at
    (312) 996-3100 or Blanca Nieves at (312) 996-3356.
  • Comfortable walking shoes. We recommend avoiding open-toed and heeled shoes.
  • . Money for miscellaneous expenses, such as university souvenirs and snacks
  • Your NetID, EnterpriseID, and password information


Please arrive no later than 7:45 am at the appropriate location on the date of your scheduled program.


The orientation fee will be charged to your student account shortly after your scheduled date. You are not able to pay on-site for orientation; an online statement will be made available through your UIC student account.

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