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Congratulations on your admission into the University of Illinois at Chicago! We are excited that you have made the decision to attend UIC, and look forward to have you join us on campus soon! The Office of International Services (OIS) supports all non-immigrant visa holders at UIC. OIS assists you in obtaining your visa and offers advising and programming services. All new international students must check-in with OIS prior to attending the undergraduate orientation in order to register for your fall semester coursework. Visit ois.uic.edu to learn more about services, events, programs, and how to complete your mandatory check-in after arrival.

Step 1.) Check-in:

When you check-in with the Office of International Services, you must bring with you your I-20 or DS-2019, your passport and your I-94 card (received upon entering the US). International students in J-1 status must also bring health insurance information when checking-in. Upon a successful check-in, OIS will remove the SEVIS registration hold on your student account. You may contact the Office of International Services through www.ois.uic.edu . They are conveniently located in the Student Services Building, 1200 West Harrison Street, Chicago, IL 60607. For more information about the check-in process, and also for instructions on activating your university netid, please visit: http://www.ois.uic.edu/students/admitted/check-_in/

Step 2.) Attend Undergraduate Orientation:

The UIC Undergraduate Orientation is a mandatory overnight session that introduces all undergraduate students to the UIC community, resources, and other undergraduate students. At this orientation, students will receive academic advising from their departments, and will also be able to register for classes. To sign up, please contact our office by email orhelp@uic.edu or by phone (312) 996-3271

Step 3.) Attend Office of International Services New International Student Orientation:

In addition, the Office of International Services holds a mandatory orientation for all incoming international undergraduate and graduate students. During this orientation you will receive information related to cross cultural adjustment, immigration updates relevant to your status, including how to maintain your status, employment, travel and visa information. To sign up for OIS’ Orientation, and other New International Student activities, please contact OIS through www.ois.uic.edu or by phone (312) 996-3121.
For all inquiries related to your immigration status, including when you will receive your I-20 or DS-2019, please email newintl@uic.edu .

We look forward to having you at UIC this Summer!



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